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Over 20 Years of Growing Stronger

Our operations in Canada began over 20 years ago and today represents over 20% of our volume. AD continues to grow through successful mergers and an ever-expanding network of independent distributors and best-in-class supplier partners.

All of our members are Canadian owned and operated. They are local market leaders with a passion for growing their businesses through entrepreneurial thinking and strong service. As we’ve grown together, so has our ability to create efficiencies and invest in the people and the programs that drive growth and profitability.

Every AD Canada member and supplier has a real voice in our operations. Through their AD Canada Divisional Boards, they oversee local operations and control all programmatic decisions. And our dedicated local associates are passionate about ensuring the success of our members and suppliers in their home country.

As we look to the future, we believe that AD is uniquely positioned to help independents and suppliers across Canada grow and prosper in an age of increasing consolidation, globalization and channel convergence. We look forward to continuing to grow stronger, together.

AD Canada Industrial

AD Industrial distributors and suppliers are progressive market leaders with a passion to grow their businesses and increase their profitability by working together. AD Industrial has been active in Canada since 1995.



Committed to Growth

The scale of our Industrial Division allows our members to compete toe-to-toe with the national chains while still offering the benefits that come from doing business with a strong independent distributor. As always, we are passionate about delivering above market growth and increased profitability to both our distributor members and our supplier partners.

The AD Difference

AD has the programs, procedures and people needed to accelerate your growth, increase your profitability, and deliver vital insights and innovative ideas that move your business forward.

Meet the AD Canada Industrial Division Team

  • Jack Templin View Bio
    Jack Templin
    President, AD Industrial Division & Chief Programs Officer
  • Tom Blue View Bio
    Tom Blue
    VP, Member Relations and Marketing, AD Industrial Division
  • Brian Carroll View Bio
    Brian Carroll
    VP, Supplier Relations, AD Industrial Division
  • Tim Babcock View Bio
    Tim Babcock
    Conversion Program Manager, AD Industrial Division
  • Kimberley Smith View Bio
    Kimberley Smith
    Marketing Programs & Events Manager, AD Industrial Division
  • Ashley Snyder View Bio
    Ashley Snyder
    Services Coordinator, AD Industrial Division

AD Canada Industrial Divisional Board of Directors

Each AD Division has their own Board of Directors and committees that are made up of AD distributors and suppliers who vote on industry-related decisions and provide strategic and tactical input into all major areas of the organization’s operations.


Karen Baker
Chief Operating Officer
Horizon Solutions LLC
Chris Bateman
Industrial Supply Co. Inc.
Chris Beach
Jeff Bigelow
Hubbard Supply
John Duffy
Triumph Tool
Jon Eames
N.H. Bragg & Sons
Keith Holland
Corporate Sales Manager
Border States
Robert Mars
W.P. & R.S. Mars
Rick Martoia
Alro Industrial Supply
Eric Rosin
S.L. Fusco
Dave Ruggles
Martin Industrial Supply
Tommy Thompson
Executive Vice President
Turner Supply Co.
Glenn Watt
Tenaquip Limited
Eric Wessinger
Richards Supply Company
John Wiborg
President & CEO
Stellar Industrial Supply


The Product Committee reviews and approves prospective and existing manufacturers, ensuring they are consistent with the organization’s mission and commitments.


The Membership Sub-Committee’s primary mission is to review and approve prospective candidates for membership. Additionally, they develop the membership criteria and requirements for both prospective and existing members in order to maintain and enhance AD’s position as the number one industrial supply marketing group in North America.


The Supplier Advisory Council offers AD management independent advice and recommendations on a wide range of subjects including strategic industry trends, opportunities to enhance manufacturer/distributor partnerships, and methods to generate reductions in channel costs.


The Industrial Supply Division supplyFORCE Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from each Industrial Supply Division Network and provides focus, direction and communication between the supplyFORCE Board and Industrial distributors regarding national account opportunities specific to the division.