The Right Employees Make all the Difference.

HR Services

AD HR Services provide our suppliers with powerful tools and information to recruit, develop and retain top talent, creating a competitive advantage that helps them win in their marketplace.

We leverage our multi-divisional buying power to offer best-in-class HR services that are competitively priced or that might otherwise not be accessible to our suppliers on an individual basis.

Our HR Services can be tailored to each supplier's needs and business model, and have been designed to be easy to implement and use.

Recruiting and Employment

It’s critical to your success to find the people who fit your company culture and have the right qualifications to do the job. AD HR Services can help you identify, attract and hire the people who will help take your business to the next level. This suite of services includes cost-effective job postings, outsourced recruiting, employment branding, career pages, digital interviewing, assessments, background checks and more.


Training and Development

Training and development is an important way to maximize the performance of your people and build bench strength – both of which can impact factors such as customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability. This is also typically a highly valued benefit that directly impacts employee engagement and retention. Assessments, eLearning, and professional coaching and development are some of the offerings in this category.


Compensation and Benefits

The right combination of compensation and benefits will be motivating for your employees while being affordable for your business. From designing compensation plans to managing your health, wellness, wealth and retirement plan benefits; we can make sure your business is an attractive place for your employees to stay.


HR Metrics and Benchmarking

We can help you assess the health of your organization’s culture, leadership, innovation, accountability, and more. This type of HR benchmarking provides insights and creates opportunities to identify and address important talent and leadership issues.


Thought Leadership & Best Practice Sharing

Learn about HR best practices with fellow AD supplier HR professionals through informative webinars. Whether or not you have a dedicated HR professional on your team, or if you handle those issues as a CEO, AD will help keep you up to date on what you need to know about the world of HR today and tomorrow.