Save Money on Non-Product Purchases.

Procurement Services

AD Procurement Services leverages the size of AD, our dedicated resources with years of procurement experience, and the knowledge of our members and suppliers to identify service provider partners with the goal of saving our suppliers’ money and increasing efficiencies.

AD service providers are vetted for relevance to our suppliers and the quality of their services. Purchase directly from the service providers while receiving pre-negotiated discounts based on the purchase volume of the entire AD membership.

Our service providers specialize in finance, operations, marketing, and information technology.


AD partners with a wide range of vendors that can help with product flow from your suppliers through your warehouses and to your customers. Included are logistics providers, forklift manufacturers, fuel cards, vehicle management, packaging materials, and warehouse shelving.


AD service providers can enhance your marketing programs, including marketing campaigns, printed items, digital signs, and telephone greetings.

Information Technology

Using the latest technology can help you gain an edge on your competition. AD partners with service providers that offer ERP systems, reporting and forecasting software, IT security, EDI services, and automated data entry.


AD selectively adds service providers that can help your company better manage your finances. We have strong options for credit card processing, financial reporting, insurance, fuel cards, and vehicle cost management.