Better Together

AD’s HVAC Division is the premiere group of industry-leading distributors in North America.  

AD distributors and suppliers are dynamic market leaders with a passion to grow their businesses and increase their profitability. Whether you’re an HVAC distributor looking to gain market share or a supplier looking to align your company with fast-growing local market leaders, AD can help you outperform the marketplace.

The AD Difference

AD has the programs, procedures and people needed to accelerate your growth, increase your profitability, and deliver vital insights and innovative ideas that move your business forward.

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Meet the HVAC Team

AD’s HVAC Division is managed by a dedicated staff that follows the direction of our members and suppliers through a highly representative committee structure.

  • Jeffrey Beall View Bio
    Jeffrey Beall
    President, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Justin Dunscomb View Bio
    Justin Dunscomb
    Vice President, AD U.S. & Canada HVAC & PHCP Divisions
  • Stephanie Ewing View Bio
    Stephanie Ewing
    Vice President, Marketing Programs & Strategy AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Jeff Konen View Bio
    Jeff Konen
    Vice President, AD U.S. & Canada Plumbing & PHCP Divisions
  • Gary Jackson View Bio
    Gary Jackson
    Vice President, AD U.S. & Canada PVF & PHCP Divisions
  • David Hons View Bio
    David Hons
    Director of Procurement, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Emily DeCosta View Bio
    Emily DeCosta
    Marketing Manager, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Lisa Casey View Bio
    Lisa Casey
    Project Coordinator, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Stephanie McAllister View Bio
    Stephanie McAllister
    Supplier Program Analyst, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions

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HVAC Divisional Board and Committees

Each AD division has its own Board of Directors and committees that are made up of AD distributors and suppliers who vote on industry-related decisions and provide strategic and tactical input into all major areas of the organization’s operations.

HVAC Divisional Board of Directors


Chris Walters
Gensco, Inc.
Paul Kennedy
First Supply LLC
Brian Schlise
Director of Operations & Parts Sales, The Habegger Corporation
Dion Quinn
AC Pro
Andrew Newland
Hercules Industries Inc.
Barry Portnoy
Aaron and Company, Inc.
Brian G. Pierce
President & CEO
Pierce-Phelps, Inc.

HVAC Product Committee

The HVAC Product Committee reviews and approves prospective and existing manufacturers to ensure they meet the organization’s mission and commitments.

Greg Borr
Executive Director of Operations
O'Connor Company, Inc.
Tony Bonavita
VP Procurement & Supplier Management
N. B. Handy Company
Brandon Gregory
Purchasing Agent
American Metals Supply
David Lowe
Inv/Purchasing Manager
Mingledorff's Inc.
Travis Roach
Parts & Supply
Robert Madden Industries
Aaron Tofte
GM Twin Cities - Director of Operations
Auer Steel & Heating Supply
Pat Newland
Hercules Industries


  • Scott Weaver, President, APR Supply
  • Allie Lehman, VP Operations, Standard Supply
  • Lindsay Portnoy Rodner, Marketing Manager, Aaron and Company, Inc.
  • Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries
  • Our confidence in the AD leadership team is such that APR, to a large degree, can sit back and entrust the pros to do their job of partnering with the premier manufacturers and negotiating the best programs. We are able to concentrate on growing our business knowing AD will ensure APR remains competitive on the buy side of our business.

    Scott Weaver, President, APR Supply Member since 2008
  • The end result is having a network ‘Brain Trust’ that helps us develop ways to serve our customers better and ultimately be more productive and profitable independent distributors.

    Allie Lehman, VP Operations, Standard Supply Member since 2006
  • AD is best-in-class in every single thing I can think of that's important to an affiliate. AD anticipates the needs of the affiliates and their suppliers. It's not just negotiating rebates, which they do phenomenally, it's also the other things that AD provides. The AD Education Center, the AD HR Services, these are services that I haven't seen other buying groups offer their affiliates and their suppliers. Having that support with AD really helps so that we can set ourselves above our competitors that are not in AD.

    Lindsay Portnoy Rodner, Marketing Manager, Aaron and Company, Inc. Member since 2008
  • The fact that AD returns over one hundred percent of the rebates is a real differentiating value that they offer to the independents, as well as to the suppliers – it enables the independents to be competitive and win more business, which benefits the suppliers as well. The most important thing I would say to another supplier who's considering joining AD is to leverage the relationships. There's a lot of industry knowledge and partnering, and it really enables a win-win situation between the independents, between the organization and between the suppliers as well. We've been really pleased with the relationship and the results.

    Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries Supplier Partner since 2008