Independent, Strong and Growing

Supplier Benefits

Collectively, AD members are bigger than any national chain, outpace overall industry growth, and are leaders when it comes to supporting brands and introducing new products to market.   

As an AD supplier partner, your relationship with AD, a $70 billion network, positively impacts your ability to improve your sales mix, drive new product sales, and increase your top-line growth. You need independents to succeed – if they do well, you do well. 

AD members are locally owned and operated, and offer a high level of personal attention to end-user customers. They share your commitment to long-term success and will favor you for your commitment to independents

Accelerated Growth

Growing your business with independent distribution is an important element in a best-in-class supplier’s go-to market strategy.

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Top-Tier Distributors

AD’s high membership standards ensure you are partnering with the best growth-oriented independents.

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Sales & Marketing Programs

Our marketing programs are time tested by the best independents and suppliers, and are highly cost-effective. We make it easy for you to plan and grow year after year. 

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Brand Advocacy

When you work with AD members, you have a partner that will protect your brand, move quickly to support new products, and our leadership works closely to facilitate conversions for your brands. 

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AD is actively working to get every member selling online, and our holistic eCommerce solution is a cost-effective way for you to get your product information to hundreds of the best distributors.

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HR Services

Having a strong team puts you ahead of the competition. AD HR Services connects you with high quality and cost effective HR service providers to recruit and develop top talent.

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Procurement Services

Save money on non-product purchases. AD Procurement Services leverages the size of AD to connect you with service provider partners and Power Buy opportunities with the goal of cutting costs and increasing efficiencies.

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Our warehouses can help our supplier partners with transactional and shipping efficiencies. Let our warehouse be an extension of yours and broaden your reach to AD members of all size.  

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