Every Owner/Member Has a Vote & a Voice.


From our Corporate Board composed of owner/members who are nominated and elected by an owner/member majority vote and who set budgets and establish policy, to the Divisional Boards who set strategy and approve programs, every member has a voice and every owner/member has a vote.

  • Amanda Montford, President, Savannah Drywall Supply, Inc.
  • Tim MacDonald, President & CEO, Ideal Supply Co. Ltd.
  • Part of the process of being on the divisional board is that we deal with issues that affect the membership. When an issue is brought to the board, we discuss it; if there's a vote needed, we vote. It's a very collaborative process with everyone's opinion taken into consideration, and those opinions represent our membership across the country.

    Amanda Montford, President, Savannah Drywall Supply, Inc. Member since 2000
  • I believe it's the best of private company governance with the transparency of public company governance. The Board discusses and votes on every critical decision for the company. I’m often asked by AD members, ‘Do you know what's happening to the money, and do you know how it's being spent?’. Any board member can honestly answer ‘yes’, – we have complete financial transparency and oversight.

    Tim MacDonald, President & CEO, Ideal Supply Co. Ltd. Member since 1993

Corporate Board

The AD Corporate Board is composed of owner/members nominated and elected by an owner/member majority vote. They are responsible for establishing AD’s budget and policies, and for corporate governance. There are a number of functional committees on the board, including the audit committee and the formal compensation committee. Majority vote rules on our Board and term limits are generally seven years.


Divisional Boards

Each division has its own Divisional Board comprised completely of owner/members from that division. Divisional Boards are responsible for ensuring every member has a voice and strong representation and approving all strategic and programmatic decisions for their division.


Councils & Committees

From Supplier Advisory Councils to Product Committees and Membership Committees, there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities at AD. AD supplier partners and owner/members give their time to provide recommendations on divisional strategic trends, opportunities to grow, which new members and suppliers to recruit, and methods to generate reductions in channel costs. There are many other councils and committees in each division depending on their divisional priorities.


AD Associates

The AD executives carry out the programmatic and strategic decisions made at the Board level. They lead talented teams of industry professionals who are dedicated to helping our members and supplier partners grow. Learn more here.