Growing Stronger Together

AD’s Plumbing Division is the largest, most dynamic group of independent plumbing distributors in North America.

When truly great companies come together, the result is accelerated growth and increased profitability. By working as a team and leveraging our collective strength, we substantially improve growth and earning opportunities for both our member distributors and our supplier partners.

The AD Difference

AD has the programs, procedures and people needed to accelerate your growth, increase your profitability, and deliver vital insights and innovative ideas that move your business forward.

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Meet the Plumbing Team

AD’s Plumbing Division is managed by a dedicated staff that follows the direction of our members and suppliers through a highly representative committee structure.

  • Jeffrey Beall View Bio
    Jeffrey Beall
    President, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Justin Dunscomb View Bio
    Justin Dunscomb
    VP of Plumbing, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Jeff Konen View Bio
    Jeff Konen
    VP of Supplier Programs, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Stephanie Ewing View Bio
    Stephanie Ewing
    Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Emily DeCosta View Bio
    Emily DeCosta
    Marketing Manager, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Stephanie McAllister View Bio
    Stephanie McAllister
    Supplier Program Analyst, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions
  • Lisa Casey View Bio
    Lisa Casey
    Project Coordinator, AD U.S. & Canada PHCP Divisions

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Plumbing Divisional Board and Committees

Each AD division has its own Board of Directors and committees that are made up of AD member owners and suppliers who vote on industry-related decisions and provide strategic and tactical input into all major areas of the organization’s operations.

Plumbing Divisional Board of Directors

Steven Feiger
VP and Treasurer/COO, Crawford Supply Company
Ted Green
President/CEO, Pace Supply Corp.
Gary Curwin
President/CEO, VP Supply
Doug Riley
President, Thos. Somerville Co.
Gene Paul Pena
Vice President, Central Plumbing & Electrical Supply Co.
Russ Visner
Co-Chair of the Board
Etna Supply Company
Howard Wolff
President, Wolf Bros. Supply Inc.
Randy Wool
CEO/President, Wool Plumbing Supply
Glenn Fuller
President, Texas Plumbing Supply


The Plumbing Product Committee reviews and approves prospective and existing suppliers consistent with the organization’s mission and commitments.


The Plumbing Supplier Advisory Council offers AD management independent advice and recommendations on a wide range of subjects including strategic industry trends, opportunities to enhance manufacturer/distributor partnerships, and methods to generate reductions in channel costs.


The Plumbing Marketing Committee provides guidance and feedback on various marketing programs and initiatives to reinforce the value of partnering with AD.

  • Glenn Fuller, President and Owner, Texas Plumbing Supply
  • Randy Wool, President, Wool Plumbing Supply
  • Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries
  • AD truly cares and helps its members and supplier partners. ‘Together, we win.’ is more than a slogan, it is the AD culture in which a truly representative form of governance looks at every decision. All new programs and strategies are voted on by the member led boards. All networks are represented on the board, so you know your interests are considered before a decision is made. The bigger you get, the harder this is to accomplish, but AD does it well. That is impressive to me.

    Glenn Fuller, President and Owner, Texas Plumbing Supply Member since 2004
  • The best practices sessions are very valuable to our company. The rebates in the group obviously are important, but equally important are the discussions that arise when we find out we have common problems in our businesses. It helps to find out how members address those programs.

    Randy Wool, President, Wool Plumbing Supply Member since 2001
  • The fact that AD returns over one hundred percent of the rebates is a real differentiating value that they offer to the independents, as well as to the suppliers – it enables the independents to be competitive and win more business, which benefits the suppliers as well. The most important thing I would say to another supplier who's considering joining AD is to leverage the relationships. There's a lot of industry knowledge and partnering, and it really enables a win-win situation between the independents, between the organization and between the suppliers as well. We've been really pleased with the relationship and the results.

    Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries Supplier Partner since 2008