Invest in Relationships That Build Your Business.

Top-Tier Distributors

AD independent distributors have been chosen for their commitment to growing their company, collaboration with their fellow AD members, and strong support of supplier partners. Our members actively reinforce our suppliers’ value proposition with each other through word of mouth referrals. You can consider your AD independent distributors a true extension of your sales team. 

  • Henri Jung, COO,  Phillips Manufacturing Co.
  • The advantages of working with independents like AD are that they take the best of both worlds. They have that expert knowledge of the local market, and many times a long history as a family business. At the same time, they have the national resources of AD. They get together and discuss national issues and best practices. It's a great combination of local knowledge, history and national resources.

    Henri Jung, COO, Phillips Manufacturing Co. Supplier Partner since 2012

High Membership Standards

When you work with an AD member, you can rest assured that they have been vigorously vetted for financial stability and a strong desire to grow their business with the best. They are most often the market leaders, and once they join AD they are placed in a formal Network where they share best practices with top-tier distributors across North America.


Local Service and Support

AD members are locally owned and operated and have strong relationships with several of your most important local end-users, built upon their commitment to providing a high level of personalized service. AD supplier partners aren’t obligated to sell to every AD member, but we encourage them to look at each one with an open and objective mind.