Members and suppliers in AD’s PHCP Business Unit celebrated at 2023 Spirit of Independence Awards

November 13, 2023

Phoenix – The 2023 PHCP Spirit of Independence Awards on October 10 recognized excellence among members and suppliers in AD’s PHCP Business Unit (consisting of AD’s Plumbing – U.S., Pipe, Valves and Fittings (PVF) and HVAC divisions). The awards show honors high levels of performance in sales growth, sales conversion, marketing, engagement with AD and giving back.

The Member of the Year Awards celebrate AD member companies with exceptional growth in remittances and achieve high levels of engagement with AD’s growth-minded programs and initiatives. Winners also contribute to AD’s leadership and sustainable success. The following PHCP business unit members earned Member of the Year Awards:

· 2023 AD HVAC Member of the Year: NB Handy

· 2023 AD Plumbing Member of the Year: VP Supply

· 2023 AD PVF Member of the Year: Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc.

The Supplier of the Year Awards recognize the AD supplier partners who provided exceptional support and engagement with AD members. The winning partners increased their sales from AD members and actively participated in AD’s sales incentive and marketing programs. The following partners were honored during the ceremony:

· 2023 AD HVAC Supplier of the Year: RectorSeal

· 2023 AD Plumbing Supplier of the Year: Milwaukee Tool

· 2023 AD PVF Supplier of the Year: Allied Group

The Best Conversion of the Year Award celebrates excellent partnership between a member and supplier company. The award recognizes two companies that collaborated on a successful sales conversion from a non-AD supplier to an AD supplier in the PHCP business unit. The Conversion of the Year Award winners are Cooney Brothers and Merit Brass.

The Best Field Marketing Summit celebrates the AD member that implements the most effective AD Field Marketing Summit that engaged suppliers and fueled growth. APR Supply earned the 2023 Best Field Marketing Summit Award.

Jeffrey Beall, President of AD’s PHCP Business Unit, presented the MVP Award to Gary Jackson, Vice President of Business Development for AD’s PHCP Business Unit, for his 20years of service and leadership with AD. Gary’s passion for independents and their sustainable success embodies the spirit of the MVP Award, which honors an individual each year for their contributions to AD.

“Gary is a longtime friend, a fantastic mentor and a difference-making leader for AD and the PHCP community,” said Beall. “He has served our members and suppliers and supported their growth across his 20 years at AD, and we wish him and his family a happy retirement.

”Closing out the ceremony, AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg presented the Giving Back Award, honoring a company in the AD community that led exceptional charitable initiatives within their communities. PDI earned the 2023 Giving Back Award for their wide variety of charitable efforts across Georgia since the company’s founding 50 years ago in 1973.

“Giving back is a cornerstone of how AD, our members, suppliers and service providers conduct business,” said Weisberg. “Even though we can only award one company, each company in AD does incredible work in their communities to support those in need.”