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Nearly Three Decades of Growing Stronger

Established in 2021, the AD Canada business unit was formed to bring together four distinct Canadian AD divisions under one umbrella, with the committed goal of maximizing the growth and success of each division’s member and supplier partners. With a strong emphasis on overall impact, this business unit, which is comprised of AD Industrial & Safety - Canada, Plumbing & Heating - Canada, Electrical - Canada, and Building Supplies - Canada, seeks to invest in the futures of its partners’ operations.

AD’s Canadian operations began over three decades ago and have evolved to account a significant portion of AD’s total business with both distributor members and supplier partners steadily outpacing the market. The Canadian market represents a focus for AD and continued growth, in current and new markets, is a cornerstone of our long-term strategic plan and success.

All of our members are Canadian owned and operated. They are local market leaders with a passion for growing their businesses through entrepreneurial thinking and strong service. As we’ve expanded together, so has our ability to create efficiencies and invest in the people and the programs that drive growth and profitability.

Every AD Canada member and supplier has a real voice in our operations. Through their AD Canada divisional boards, they oversee local operations and control all programmatic decisions. Our dedicated local associates are passionate about ensuring the success of our members and suppliers in their home country.

As we look to the future, we believe that AD is uniquely positioned to help independents and suppliers across Canada grow and prosper in an age of increasing consolidation, globalization and channel convergence. We look forward to continuing to grow stronger, together.

AD Electrical - Canada Division

Since 1993, AD has been the #1 buying/marketing group for independent electrical distributors, with membership spanning three countries. AD’s Electrical - Canada Division is comprised of leading independent distributors and best-in-class suppliers working together to grow their businesses and increase their competitive advantages.

The Best of the Best

AD Electrical - Canada’s distributors and suppliers are dynamic market leaders with a passion to grow their businesses and increase their profitability. Whether you’re an electrical distributor looking to gain market share or a supplier looking to align your company with fast-growing local market leaders, AD Canada can help you outperform the marketplace.

AD Canada has the programs, procedures and people needed to accelerate your growth, increase your profitability, and deliver vital insights and innovative ideas that move your business forward.

The AD Rewards Program

AD Canada offers two unique rewards programs to help grow your business.

The AD Rewards Customer Program maximizes profitability by incentivizing your customers to purchase products from participating AD suppliers. The AD Rewards Inside Sales Program allows you to incentivize your inside and counter sales personnel to sell participating AD supplier products.

AD Rewards drives revenue and keeps customer loyalty high, allowing you to focus your resources on obtaining new clients. The program is easily customized to your business – you select the AD suppliers that participate to help grow your business. And the best part is the program is funded by a coalition of AD suppliers at no cost to our Canadian members.

AD Education Centre

The AD Education Centre is a one stop e-learning platform in which our members have access to online training and educational webinars on industry products from our supplier partners. Having access to the program anytime and anywhere, the AD Education Centre is a vital resource in helping new hires and current employees enhance their product knowledge and in turn develop their career.

AD Warehousing

AD’s 50,000-square-foot Canadian warehouse located in Mississauga, ON proudly supports all AD Canada members.
Learn more here: Distributor Warehousing | Supplier Warehousing

AD Canada Training Centre

AD’s spacious training centre located in Mississauga, ON functions as a ‘home away from home’ for AD Canada’s valued members and suppliers. The space is available for sales meetings, supplier trainings, executive sessions, or anytime you and your team are seeking a change of scenery!

Meet the AD Canada-Electrical Team

AD Electrical Canada is managed by a dedicated staff that follows the direction of our members and suppliers through a highly representative committee structure.

  • Rob Dewar View Bio
    Rob Dewar
    AD Canada
  • Kristen Yong View Bio
    Kristen Yong
    Vice President
    AD Electrical - Canada
  • Darryl Lee View Bio
    Darryl Lee
    Vice President, Marketing
    AD Canada
  • Brad Harper View Bio
    Brad Harper
    Vice President,
    Finance & Operations
    AD Canada
  • Tanner Dewar View Bio
    Tanner Dewar
    Director of Operations
    AD Canada
  • Haly Baran View Bio
    Haly Baran
    Manager, Marketing & Communications
    AD Canada
  • Lynda Rideout View Bio
    Lynda Rideout
    Customer Service Supervisor
    AD Canada

AD Canada Electrical Divisional Board of Directors

The AD Canada Electrical Divisional Board sets divisional strategy and reviews and approves divisional programs, new members and new manufacturers. The Board is composed of representatives from each AD Canada Electrical network.


Bernie Backman
Franklin Empire Inc.
Austin Brennan Jr.
House of Electrical Supplies Ltd.
Christian Grenier
Électrimat Ltée
Tim Horsman
President & CEO
E.B. Horsman & Son
Shea Robinson
President & CEO
Greg Stephenson
Senior Vice President, Electrical
Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
Eric Tordjman
Mercury Lighting Limited


The Canadian Marketing Committee provides guidance and feedback on various marketing programs and initiatives to reinforce the value of partnering with AD.  


The Canadian Supplier Advisory Council offers AD management independent advice and recommendations on a wide range of subjects, including strategic industry trends, opportunities to enhance supplier/distributor partnerships, and methods to reduce channel costs.