7 Recruiting Trends for 2021

December 28, 2020

This has been a rough year for most companies, with COVID-19 forcing many changes in the way the world does business. As we look ahead to 2021, here are seven key trends that we anticipate will continue to reshape the way companies think about recruitment and talent acquisition.

1. Remote Employees: Working remotely will continue to be a common practice in 2021, which means many positions will be open to a new talent pool of non-local candidates. This will increase competition for job openings and allow employers a shot at top candidates that they might not otherwise have access to. Every company has had to put a new level of trust in their staff to work remotely and this trend is paying off. Some positions which had never previously been considered as able to function remotely are now the new normal. Companies have built trust in their employees’ productivity and efficiency and this has now opened up a lot of positions to a vast new talent pool of non-local candidates. Inside sales and telesales roles are now trending as more popular than traditional outside roles as the salesforce adapts to customers being much harder to get in front of. Product-driven inside sales reps are at a premium. 

2. Virtual Interviews: With many companies making the change to allowing remote work, the importance of virtual interviews will grow. The need for in-person interviewing will be less of a “must” until the final interview (if it is needed at all). Companies have adapted and shifted their attitudes about the need to interview in person and will become more invested in the use of technology to facilitate the interview process. 

3. Importance of Employer Branding: We have always been a proponent of our clients consistently building their employment brand to help attract top candidates. Businesses will need to continue to look at the way they treat employees and their families. A company’s internal and external image is always on display and job seekers (and your current employees) care about how you have reacted (and will react) to the pandemic. 

4. Internal hires: Clients need to consider internal candidates first before looking externally for talent and reward those within who have the potential to accelerate their careers. Looking internally builds loyalty and can develop in house talent that already knows your policies, systems, customers, and vendors. Lack of career path growth is a big contributor to why people leave a company. Therefore, promoting from within should be your first consideration when a position becomes available and celebrate that internal promotion! 

5. Technology: Now, more than ever, companies need technology driven talent. Technology has always impacted and reshaped the way we conduct business, but with the trend of remote work, the ability to use technology has become critical. Those candidates early in their career have begun to overcome the “experience” factor because of their ability to use technology to their advantage. Savvy college hires are now more attractive.

Businesses looking to attract tech-savvy candidates, need to embrace technology themselves. From interview platforms to team meetings, companies who make use of technological advancements will streamline operations and facilitate a quick and smooth hiring process. 

6. Adding skills to existing employees: Some of your best talent is already on your roster. There are talented employees that can learn new skills if provided the proper training. Many conferences have gone digital and the opportunities for affordable continuing education is available online. Give someone that has shown loyalty, promise, and who consistently demonstrates the behaviors you expect in your company culture the opportunity to grow and flourish by learning new skills. 

7. The role of HR in recruiting: The impact of COVID-19 has forced HR departments to re-allocate much more of their time into ensuring their internal employees are safe and work environment related stresses are addressed. These activities have taken away time traditionally allocated to recruiting outside talent, thus making some companies more open to bringing on an outside recruitment firm as an extension of their team. HR departments are stressed, and they are taking on many additional responsibilities outside of their normal realm of service.

We have also seen hiring managers need to take on new responsibilities within their own departments especially with monitoring remote employees’ productivity and effectiveness. In some cases, new roles have been created around these new tasks. Meanwhile the need for top talent is always important and ever present. 

These are just a few of the trends that we anticipate for 2021. In the last year we have all had to learn to be flexible and adaptable in order to survive, but with most business sectors showing improvement we are looking forward to the new year.

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About the author: John Salvadore is the founder and Managing partner of GRN Coastal, a full service recruitment company. You can reach John at Jsalvadore@grncoastal.com or visit their website at www.grncoastalrecruiters.com.