AD owner/members set new sales record in 2023 of $78.9 billion

February 8, 2024

Wayne, Pa. – AD is reporting a record result for 2023 in owner/member sales, which increased 5% over prior year to $78.9 billion.

Purchases by member companies from AD supplier partners were $19.8 billion. Net distributions to owner/members were $1.4 billion.

AD welcomed 49 new members to its community of independents in 2023 through a combination of organic growth and the merger with the groundwater-focused Baron Group in AD’s PVF – U.S. Division. This count does not include the members joining AD as part of the merger with The Edge Group in AD’s Electrical – U.S. Division, which became effective on January 1, 2024. In addition, existing members acquired 41 non-AD companies and 20 fellow members. 34 of AD’s 860 members sold their business outside the group.

AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg commented, “The independent distributor community is strong and growing in each of our industries in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Even though some independents do sell, many others are buying and expanding, adding new locations, and attracting great people to their teams who value working at nimble, people-oriented companies. We are proud to partner with our owner/member led boards and committees, our industry-leading suppliers, and a team of fantastic AD associates who are passionate about our mission in support of independents.”