How to Fix Employee Turnover

How to Fix Employee Turnover

January 29, 2019

How do you know if your employee turnover solution is working? Companies continuously roll out new surveys, salaries, benefits packages, all with the goal of increasing engagement, yet national data shows that employee quits have raised steadily since 2009 despite the fact that employee engagement has remained unchanged. 

The missing piece is that leaders don't own the accountability for retaining their employees even though the driving force behind an employee staying or leaving a company is dependent on their relationship with their boss. C-Suite Analytics offers the right solution to fix employee turnover, which can also be applied to employee engagement. 

Finnegan's Arrow races way past employee engagement programs and provides a business-driven model to solve employee turnover instead and have seen results like these:

  • An Indiana-based Manufacturing Company saw a 67% decrease in turnover in 5 months
  • A Florida-based hospital saw a 70% decrease in turnover in 1 year
  • A U.S. auto repair shop chain saw a 44% decrease in turnover in 4 months

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