Saf-T-Gard Family Partners with AD Community to Spread Warmth in Chicagoland

November 29, 2023

At AD, we value the sense of commitment and community that we see from our members and suppliers. We believe that fostering genuine connections that go beyond just business is what makes our relationships so meaningful. For example, Loren Rivkin, President at Saf-T-Gard, supported his son Jacob through his Mitzvah Project because of strong connections he developed with AD suppliers. 

Mitzvah projects teach Jewish young adults about service to the community. Jacob was inspired by the Bombas socks model and conceptualized his project around providing functional winter hats to those in need in the Chicagoland area. With the help and support of those around him, he was able to make it a reality. 

Jacob teamed up with local organizations and business contacts to bring his project to life, sourcing hats from AD member Broner Glove and Safety, selling approximately 150 to friends and family. The proceeds from these sales allowed Jacob to purchase over 1,000 premium hats at a discounted rate generously provided by Broner.

Waterproof gloves donated by Saf-T-Gard International and AD supplier Ansell were also included to enhance the gear packages. The local non-profit organization Gratitude Generation supported the gear distribution in Roosevelt Park. Each item was tagged with the message, "I'm not lost -  if you or someone you know needs me, please take me. Stay warm!" encouraging those in need to take what they need to help them get through the winter. 

The success of this project was made possible not only through the financial contributions of these incredible organizations but also through the support, partnership, and friendship extended by Broner Glove and Ansell. We are proud to be able to highlight this inspiring and heartwarming example of community and service.