Together, We Hurt.

Together, We Hurt.

June 5, 2020

Internal Company Message from AD CEO, Bill Weisberg, shared on June 5 at 8:15AM.

AD Team,

Over the past week, we have experienced sadness, anger and so many other emotions in light of the events unfolding across the US, which have sparked a global outcry. It’s times like these that prove how important communication and open dialogue are. I talked about this a bit on our Tuesday Heroes & Happenings meeting, but I thought the topic was important enough to follow up.

In my opinion, if one has not personally experienced prejudice and bigotry from neighbors and figures of authority, it is hard to understand the depth of that pain. Feeling powerless, abandoned and unprotected in a society that trumpets its democratic principles of justice must be truly maddening. It should not surprise us to see this result in anger, outrage and frustration.

The New York Time video of the George Floyd killing is painful to watch and so very sad. I stayed away from it for many days. I didn’t want to watch it. I knew I would hate watching it. But I believe we should not turn our eyes away. It is the closest some of us will ever get to seeing and understanding. The pleas of the bystanders, for mercy and compassion, are heartbreaking.

While it’s not my place to comment on peoples’ political views and I don’t have much if any control over things that happen outside of AD, within AD I wanted to reassure you that we condemn discrimination in all forms and we value respect for one another.

Not only is this part of our policies, but it is a foundational element of our culture and The AD Way to TREAT EVERYONE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT – “Treat each other and our customers with consideration and appreciation, regardless of their background, title, appearance, or values. Everyone is worthy of respect and care. If you feel disrespected, speak up.”

I ask that you take a moment from your day and reflect on who we are, what we stand for and expect of one another. And consider what you can do to live by this Fundamental within our AD community and the communities in which we live.

At AD we have tried to create a culture that values the unique perspectives and contributions of all AD associates. We believe that our diversity makes us stronger.

We understand this is a difficult time for many. For those who need support for yourselves or your families, please take advantage of our employee assistance program (800-538-3543;*.

We are AD. Today, we hurt. But Together, we win. Let’s support one another always and stay safe and strong.


*CIGNA’s Life Assistance/Employee Assistance Program is an employee benefit offered to help employees and their families find solutions to many of life’s challenges and restore their peace of mind.