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Independent and Proud of It

AD is passionate about bringing growth-oriented independent distributors and best-in-class supplier partners together with the purpose to outperform the market and to stay ahead of the competition.

For over 40 years, our sincere customer-first approach to relationships – along with continual investments in innovative support – has helped AD achieve annual sales of more than $75 billion across nine industries and three countries. With more than 5,000 branches from 850 plus independently-owned members, AD is North America’s largest marketing/buying group for construction and industrial supplies.

We leverage our unique economies of scale, robust financial systems and people-first approach to help our independent distributor members outperform the competition and our supplier partners protect their brands and diversify their channel strategies.

Grow and Prosper

AD is uniquely positioned to help independents and suppliers across Mexico grow and prosper in an age of increasing consolidation, globalization and channel convergence.

AD Mexico is already bigger than any international group or independent distributor in Mexico and continues to grow its culture and programs. We are fully supporting our members and suppliers by leading the way in growth and sustainable development. AD’s long term strategy in Latin America coupled with a robust short term plan provides a unique response to the market needs both in expansion and crisis periods.

AD Mexico members and suppliers build stronger relationships that lead to new opportunities for growth through networking with the best in their industry. They also benefit from innovative sales and marketing programs, and from having access to experienced industry veterans who are ready to advocate on their behalf.


Local Governance

Each of our services and programs are tailored to the Mexican market, and our full-time local executive associates are passionate about the success of our members and suppliers in Latin America as we continue to expand across the region. All of our members and suppliers have a direct voice in local operations through the AD Mexico Divisional Board, led by our member owners, which controls all programmatic decisions.

AD Mexico is a win-win proposal that fosters teamwork, transparency and continued growth. The use of AD’s proven programs and tools for growth, innovation and relationship development is a great recipe to unite AD members and suppliers.

Distributor Benefits

Supplier Benefits


From our Corporate Board composed of member owners who are nominated and elected by a member owner majority vote and who set budgets and establish policy, to the Divisional Boards with representatives from each AD Network who set strategy and approve programs, every member has a voice and every member owner has a vote.


AD executives take the time to form deep relationships with each of our members and understand their unique business challenges and opportunities. Our collective sales volume provides a strong platform for problem resolution and improved communication between members and supplier partners and allows AD to help them resolve the occasional problem that can’t be worked out on the local level.


eCommerce is the fastest growing sales channel in today’s professional market, and AD has invested in the tools and resources to provide our members with access to cost-effective rich product content, fully integrated WebStore options, and the consultative support they need to make it happen. What makes our model unique is the involvement of our members and supplier partners in every aspect of the program.


Our marketing programs are time-tested by the best independents and are completely customizable to your needs. AD Reports are professionally produced and provide our members with vital insights regarding industry trends and manufacturer programs. Our training programs keep your knowledgeable sales teams up to date on new products. We make it easy for you to plan and grow year after year.


Our strong relationships with best-in-class suppliers across nine industries gives you unmatched buying power and access to top-level management at the world’s most in-demand manufacturers. Our supplier partners have been chosen by our distributor members for their excellent products and their commitment to investing in the ongoing success of independent distributors like you.


Stay ahead of your competition through the valuable insights you gain from the best independent distributors in North America. AD provides confidential, structured and meaningful networking sessions led by trained facilitators. Your AD Network, comprised of non-competing AD members will become your go-to people for all business issues you face, big and small.


As part of a $75 billion network, you’ll benefit from increased buying power, innovative programs, robust financial controls and the industry’s only 100% supplier rebate return. We distribute 100% of rebates by tightly controlling our costs and by making conservative investments, which cover all of our operating costs.


AD members aren’t seeking to build in-house brands, so when you work with AD members, you have partners who will protect your brand from private label threats. Word of mouth between our members is a powerful success driver for our supplier partners – you can consider our tight-knit community of members as an extension of your sales team. And through our personal relationships with our member distributors, we work closely to facilitate conversions for your brands.


Our marketing programs are time tested by the best independents and suppliers, and are highly cost-effective. Nothing rivals our annual meetings for productivity, relationship building and inspiration. You would spend thousands of dollars visiting all of our member distributors across the country. This is your one-stop-shop to meeting the top executives from the best distributors. We make it easy for you to plan and grow year after year.


When you work with an AD member, you can rest assured that they have been vigorously vetted for financial stability and a strong desire to grow their business with the best. AD members are locally owned and operated and have strong relationships with several of your most important local end-users. Once independents join AD they are placed in a formal Network where they share best practices with top-tier distributors across North America.


AD is the only buying/marketing group in North American who returns 100% of supplier rebates. We do this by tightly controlling our costs and by making conservative investments, which cover all of our operating costs. Our rebates are a significant source of income for our members, often representing 50% of their bottom line. AD rebates truly influence distributor behavior – they drive conversions, increase shelf space, influence end-user brand preference and accelerate growth.

Meet the AD Mexico Electrical Team

  • Marisol Fernandez View Bio
    Marisol Fernandez
    Electrical & Industrial Business Unit
  • Juan Carlos Zacarias Ramirez View Bio
    Juan Carlos Zacarias Ramirez
    Vice President
    AD Mexico
  • Jose Barajas View Bio
    Jose Barajas
    Member Engagement
    AD Mexico
  • Lexy Hartman View Bio
    Lexy Hartman
    Meetings & Marketing Coordinator
    Electrical & Industrial Business Unit

AD Mexico Board of Directors

The AD Mexico Divisional Board and committees set divisional strategy and review and approve divisional programs, new members and new manufacturers.

Our Divisional Board is made up of members from leading companies, including Absa, Eléctrica Variedades, Elektrón, Lumicolor and Multielectrico. Our Membership Committee is led by Elektrón, and our Supplier Committee is led by Eléctrica Variedades.


Eduardo Berner
Fernando Mata
Alianza Eléctrica
Alfonso Pérez
Eléctrica Variedades
Eduardo Salman
Jorge Villalba